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You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” Jim Rohn

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“Personal success is built on the foundation of character, and character is the result of hundreds and hundreds of choices you make that gradually turn who you are at any given moment into who you want to be. ... Character comes from a Greek word meaning ‘chisel,’ or ‘the mark left by a chisel.’ Of course, a chisel is a sharp steel tool used for making a sculpture out of a hard or difficult material, like granite or marble. ... Character isn’t a magic wand; character comes from chisel, and I hope you’ll remember that. You’ve got to chisel your character out of the raw material of yourself just like a sculptor has to create a statue. The raw material is always there, and everything that happens to you, good or bad, is an opportunity for building your character.”


Character is built in the course of your inner confrontation. Character is a set of dispositions, desires, and habits that are slowly engraved during the struggle against your own weakness. You become more disciplined, considerate, and loving through a thousand small acts of self-control, sharing, service, friendship, and refined enjoyment. If you make disciplined, caring choices, you are slowly engraving certain tendencies into your mind. You are making it more likely that you will desire the right things and execute the right actions. If you make selfish, cruel, or disorganized choices, then you are slowly turning this core thing inside yourself into something that is degraded, inconstant, or fragmented. You can do harm to this core thing with nothing more than ignoble thoughts, even if you are not harming anyone else. You can elevate this core thing with an act of restraint nobody sees. If you don’t develop a coherent character in this way, life will fall to pieces sooner or later. You will become a slave to passions. But if you behave with habitual self-discipline, you will become constant and dependable.” David Brooks from his book the Road to Character.

Character. The word comes from the ancient Greek kharaktēr which literally meant “a stamping tool.” The word evolved to mean a “distinctive mark” and from that it evolved into “a description of a person, especially of a person’s qualities,” and finally to today’s sense of “distinguishing qualities.” But I think it’s helpful to imagine the original meaning. Our character is a stamping tool.

Our character makes an imprint on EVERY single moment of our life.

and We will Help your Young Athlete Develop their Character.


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Speed Training and Peak Performance Training Program.Teach your Young Athlete how to take Control of their Body, Game and Life.

About Chase Jackson the Head Coach at Champion School.

My name is Chase Jackson and I have spent the last 13+ years of my life and $250,000 of my own cash studying the World’s Best Athlete training methods.

What have I learned in that time?

A couple things, well a lot of things but I want to keep this section brief because this isn’t about me. Its about you.

If you want to train for Speed, Power and Explosiveness then you need to SYSTEMATICALLY train for Speed, Power, and Explosiveness. Your Speed can be Dramatically Improved but these improvements only happen when you have a System in place and you follow and execute that system. Just like with any system, the better the system the better the results. YOU MUST TRUST THE PROCESS! This means no extra push up’s and/or conditioning runs because you want to feel the burn. Note: I will put my system up against any system in the World. Hey this is my About section so if there was ever a right place to say that, then this is the place. I’m not saying I’m just saying 😁