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Curated and composed especially for the Celtic Collections label, `Journey' is the latest in the Celtic Serenity series of Celtic themed meditative albums. These gentle compositions with simple Celtic inspired piano melodies will ease your heart mind and soul. Ten evocative and meditative tracks provide a soothing escape for anyone with a busy lifestyle. As a complete piece they form the ideal backdrop for a yoga session or relaxation treatment. Sit back, relax and enjoy.


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Conservatives are rebranding an inclusive, honest accounting of American history as inherently anti-white.

Kali Holloway

Campaigns and Elections

The Coolest Member of the Senate Is Retiring

Vermont Senator Patrick Leahy has used comic books to fight for a ban on land mines and brought the Grateful Dead to the Senate Dining Room.

John Nichols
Police and Law Enforcement

Minneapolis May Have Rejected That Referendum on the Police

But the activists’ vision of alternative policing lives on.

Ibrahim Hirsi
Police and Law Enforcement

Where “Defund” Isn’t Dead

Though the politics of police reform have shifted since a year ago, the movement to find new ways to ensure public safety is winning a number of fights in cities across the country.

Bryce Covert
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The Senate Cannot Be Reformed—It Can Only Be Abolished

The Senate is a deeply undemocratic institution where white power thrives and the popular will goes to die.

Elie Mystal

The Mess Democrats Are In

If they fail to get their act together, they will suffer a defeat in the midterms that increases the likelihood of Donald Trump’s return to the White House.

John Nichols and The Nation

The Democratic Party’s “Failed Promises” to Immigrants

Democrats are poised to blow their last chance to establish protections for undocumented immigrants, an issue they’ve campaigned on for decades.

Aída Chávez


The Face of the New French Right

The pundit Éric Zemmour is leading a confident and radicalized conservative movement.

Harrison Stetler

Modi's India Is “One of the Most Dangerous Countries for Journalists”

The police now routinely file criminal charges against journalists, including sedition​ charges, for the ​crime of reporting​.

Suchitra Vijayan and Francesca Recchia

Ukraine: The Most Dangerous Problem in the World

But there’s already a solution.

Anatol Lieven


“Succession”’s Repetition Compulsion

In Succession’s moral universe, no one can ever get what they want or what they deserve.

Lady Wynn by Mount Vernon Sterling Silver Teaspoon 6" Antique Fl

Dave Chappelle’s Comedy of Bitterness

In his recent special The Closer, and his response to critics of it, he outlines a strange version of identity politics where comedians are always the victims. 

Stephen Kearse

Joanna Hogg and the Art of Life

Her remarkable two-part film The Souvenir examines how an artist turns the fragments of their personal history into an enduring story.

Devika Girish

Watch and Listen

Listen: John Koopman: Stars and Stripes and Strip Clubs

Listen to the full episode of Going for Broke With Ray Suarez.

November 8, 2021

Listen: The Hidden History of the National Women’s Football League 

Britni de la Cretaz and Lyndsey D’Arcangelo join the show to talk about their new book, Hail Mary: The Rise and Fall of the National Women’s Football League.

November 2, 2021

Listen: There’s a Term for the Avalanche of Paperwork We All Deal With

Listen to this full episode of Going for Broke With Ray Suarez.

November 1, 2021